RUMOR: Sonic Unleashed Delay in Japan?

RUMOR: Sonic Unleashed Delay in Japan?

by November 5, 2008

Report Suggests Spring 2009 Release

The beginning of November was supposed to bring a fever pitch for the release of what many consider to be a make-or-break installment in the Sonic franchise, presumed to arrive just a couple weeks from now.

But if a recent blog post on GoNintendo is of any indication, that anticipation may be greatly extended.

The report cites a German source, which suggests some retailers in Japan have pushed back the release date of Sonic World Adventure, the Japanese name for Sonic Unleashed, to Spring of next year.

For domestic Sonic fans, this may not be a big deal…so long as Sonic Unleashed is released in time for the Holidays.  But consider that Sega wished to have as close to a simultaneous worldwide release as possible.  If Japan is left in the dust, it may indicate the company is prepared to make a similar move around the rest of the world.

Sega’s official Sonic World Adventure site still lists a December 18th release date.  Sega has not set in stone a release date for North America or Europe, though several sources say mid to late November is a good possibility.

A lot of you seem to believe a delay is likely, according to the active @Issue poll.  Is this just icing on the cake for you?  Let us know in the comments below.  We thank Nomad for the news tip.  If you have something you’d like to share, click the “News Tips” tab above and let us know about it.