Rumor Alert: Sega Employee Trolling Camp Sonic?

Rumor Alert: Sega Employee Trolling Camp Sonic?

by November 24, 2008

Fans’ Questions Being Answered…by Impostor

We’ve received more than a fair share of News Tips over the weekend.  They have claimed that an employee of Sega has been hanging around on Camp Sonic, answering questions from its members on a story posted Friday.

Topics have ranged from future endeavors to possible collaborations, and even the role animation house DIC is playing with the Sonic franchise these days.

Problem is…it’s total bunk.

Random Sega Employee has been outted by an administrator of the message boards, who has seen comments from this story spread over to his neck of the woods.  nuckles87 points out:

Oh my…

Look, I’m an administrator from the SEGA boards. A friend let me know someone was dooping people around here.

Random SEGA Employee ISN’T an employee from SEGA, and if he is he’s been lying for awhile. Giving out comments such as much of what your seeing here would run the risk of getting an actual employee fired, hence why they aren’t talkative at SEGA. They don’t give out info on games that haven’t even been substantially shown or announced yet, and they don’t take direct creative advice from fans.

You are being tricked. I saw him mention somethough about DiC handling something a few pages back, and I can say outright that they have zero involvement in the Sonic franchise anymore, outside of licensing the three cartoons they made to manufacturers. My advice would be to stop humoring him, although if you decide to believe him anything I guess there is not much I can do.

So, if your favorite Sonic rumor post-Unleashed is too good to be true…it probably is, and you can thank Random Sega Employee for that.