Eurogamer: 4/10 for Unleashed 360

Eurogamer: 4/10 for Unleashed 360

by November 28, 2008

“Obviously Poor Effort” Says Site

On the official launch day for most editions of Sonic Unleashed in Europe, one of that continent’s most respected sources for gaming information has given the XBOX360 edition of the title very poor remarks.

Eurogamer’s review gives Unleashed only a four out of ten.  That’s the lowest score given to date by a mainstream outlet.  They weren’t just displeased with the Werehog, they weren’t pleased with almost everything:

Structurally speaking, it’s just a mess. It’s as if SEGA no longer feels confident that Sonic will connect with today’s gamers so it’s included a bit of everything. Desperation shrouds the whole project in thick, choking waves. It’s a platform game, a fighting game and an adventure game, yet none of these elements feels fully developed. There’s no logical progression, no direction to the action, just the thankless task of blundering around the same areas trying to guess what the game wants you to do next.


Admittedly, Sonic Unleashed is marginally better than the execrable 2006 effort, but that’s incredibly faint praise and only useful as a benchmark to the most blinkered fan. Compared to Mario Galaxy or Ratchet & Clank – heck, even compared to Crash Bandicoot, another platforming mascot mired in mediocrity – Sonic Unleashed is an obviously poor effort from a series that is still hopelessly lost in the modern gaming landscape.

For a title that thus far has only averaged in the 60 and 70 percentile as it is, this low score is not going to help restore Sonic’s image in the mainstream.  We’ll continue to gather scores and deliver them to you.