How to Fix Sonic From…IGN

How to Fix Sonic From…IGN

by December 4, 2008

Site Says Sonic “Skewed Towards Children”

Boy, do the staff at IGN have balls.

Not to be outdone by their complete lynching of the XBOX360 edition of Sonic Unleashed, and the consequential severe backlash on the Sonic fan community that has caused, the site and its staff now think they know how to fix the entire franchise.

To top it off, Kaiser Hwang, the IGN staffer who wrote this manifesto, single-handedly insulted the entire fan community of young and old by proclaiming children are the ones who keep the hedgehog alive:

Like his Nintendo rivals, Sonic has a good amount of commercial power, but rather than appealing to diverse audiences both young and old alike, Sega’s most popular character has skewed towards children. Kids like Sonic. Kids buy Sonic games. Kids keep Sonic in business.

Hwang wants the next Sonic to contain three primary elements: Speed, “light combat,” and “vertical exploration.”  The article, which contains more Werehog bashing, elaborates:

Just because I think Sonic turning into a Werehog or wielding a gun (or sword for that matter) is ridiculous doesn’t mean I think Sonic shouldn’t be able to fight. Similarly, I enjoy some exploration in the old Sonic games. I’m intentionally going to leave these two sections fairly obscure, but here are some details I would include/change:

Sonic is the only playable character – I think most of us feel Sonic’s circle of friends is getting a bit large and silly. In my Sonic game, he would be only playable character. His friends would have a place in the game, but only as “helper” characters for both combat and platforming.

The jumping would be tighter – Sonic’s jump has always been a bit too floaty for me, kind of like Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 2. I’d have a quicker, more refined jump for him to make platforming more predictable, and more satisfying.

Sonic’s only weapon would be himself – Forget weapons. Any and all battles would be fought by Sonic’s included move set, and through the use of the aforementioned helper characters.

Combat overall would be very simple – As just mentioned, Sonic wouldn’t have any weapons or such to complicate the combat. He would have a limited set of moves, with the challenge coming from the actual enemy and boss patterns.

There would be no hub world – I hate hub worlds in Sonic games.

So, in addition to spitting on an already angry fan base, Hwang pays no respect to Tails, introduced in Sonic 2, and Knuckles, introduced in Sonic 3–core components of the same classic gameplay Hwang claims to love.

We want to hear your opinion.  It’s evident now that the whole of IGN are vehemently against the future direction of Sonic, and we want to know if you’re against the direction of IGN.  Let us know in the comments box below.