Gamespot: 3.5/10 for Unleashed 360

Gamespot: 3.5/10 for Unleashed 360

by December 5, 2008

Sonic Unleashed Logo 2Site says, “Just isn’t even fun.”

This week isn’t really going too well for Sonic Unleashed with critic reception. Maybe you thought the worst has already came. For those who thought that… I’m sorry.

Gamespot’s review of the 360 edition of Unleashed is scored as the second worst Sonic game next to Sonic Genesis. To the people who started the petition for IGN to re-review Sonic Unleashed, you just might want to start another because the game was scored with a very poor, 3.5/10.

Unlike other critics, Gamespot actually didn’t find Sonic’s stages that good:

The Sonic levels don’t fare any better than the lousy werehog parts. Your goal is to run as quickly as possible to the finish line, but the camera is rarely able to give you an optimal view and the controls are far too loose to provide the pinpoint accuracy you’ll need. These technical problems mean you’ll have to memorize stages before you can breeze through them. The game is not responsive enough to allow you to consistently avoid obstacles the first time you encounter them, so you’ll find yourself repeatedly plowing headfirst into spikes and falling down countless bottomless pits before you finally know where each obstacle lays ahead of time.

And if you were expecting them to enjoy the Werehog stages, think again:

The werehog levels are extremely tedious. The levels are evenly divided between platforming and fighting, but both elements offer more frustration than excitement.

Here are Gamespot’s “The Good” and “The Bad” for the 360 build of Unleashed.

The Good:

  • Looks good.

The Bad:

  • Monotonous combat
  • Imprecise platforming
  • Inept camera restricts your view
  • Tons of control issues
  • Horrendous level design

The rest of their review can be found Here!

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