SBK: New Nintendo Power info

SBK: New Nintendo Power info

by January 7, 2009

“Just when you think you knew everything”

When you think about it, the release date for Sonic & the Black Knight is right around the corner. Nintendo Power‘s February issue has another article on the Black Knight, featuring new screens and info.

We learn a couple new things, along with the first ever screen shot of Shadow in the game:

  • Sonic Summoned into medieval times whit 2 chili dogs in his hand
  • Animated woodcut-esque cut-scenes
  • There’s an opening 3D cinematic
  • Shadow Plays as Sir Lancelot, Knuckles Plays as Sir Gawain, Amy Plays as the Lady of the Lake
  • Shadow and Knuckles are playable in Battle mode once beaten in single-player mode
  • Battle Mode: Free-for-all deathmatch or work together to defeat a big enemy as quick as possible
  • Multi-player is a bit rough

The one page article scan can be found Here!

After hearing Nintendo Power‘s reaction to the game, it doesn’t seem as if it will be a bad one. Stay tuned to TSSZ for future Black Knight info.