Zero Punctuation Awards Unleashed “Turd in a Turd” Award

Zero Punctuation Awards Unleashed “Turd in a Turd” Award

by January 13, 2009

Yahtzee: Sonic a “F@%$ing Cartoon Rat”

Ben Croshaw of Zero Punctuation is up to his old tricks again.

Right on the heels of tearing Sonic Unleashed a new one last month, Yahtzee, as he’s known to most, just bestowed another dubious honor on the game.  As part of his 2008 awards, Unleashed received the highly coveted “Turd in a Turd Award for Unsurprisingly Poor Quality.”  You can watch his comments verbatim below, starting at about 3:20.

In a nutshell, Yahtzee explains that Sonic has been trying “damn hard” to get out of “sticky unplayable mess,” but not even good storytelling and an orchestral soundtrack can mask the fact that Sonic himself is a “fucking cartoon rat.”

There were other titles in contention, including Mirror’s Edge and Haze.  Perhaps of saving grace for Sonic fans, that wasn’t the worst award to be given out.  That one, the “Indiana Jones in a Fridge Award for Franchise Murder,” went to Metal Gear Solid 4.  Yahtzee also reversed his previously positive position on Grand Theft Auto 4.

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