Japanese SBK Box Art

Japanese SBK Box Art

by January 22, 2009

Country to get Completely Different Design

Circulating around the Internet right now is the recently revealed Japanese box art for the upcoming Sonic and the Black Knight.

The box art is completely different from both the North America, European and Australian editions and, as some fans have pointed out, have remarkable similarities to promotional art from Sonic and the Secret Rings.  Also note that this box art does have the Nintendo Wi-Fi logo, so unless different things are happening in different regions, fears about whether the online component has been scrapped should be quelled for now.

You can take a look for yourself below.  We thank edzepp for sending this in through our News Tips system, and I’d like to share with you one sentence of opinion he shared regarding the art, and ask for your opinion on it via the comments box below.  His words: “We always get a bum deal on the western cover art.”