Famitsu: 33/40 for Unleashed 360

Famitsu: 33/40 for Unleashed 360

by January 28, 2009

Incredible Promise from World-Renowned JP Magazine

Minutes ago we learned via a news tip from one of our readers, Sonication, that one of the world’s most respected gaming magazines has chimed in on Sonic Unleashed in such a surprisingly positive way.

The 360/PS3 edition of the game, under the Sonic World Adventure title, has received a 33 out of 40 by Famitsu out of Japan, with three 8s and one 9 out 10.  Keep in mind that the next-gen edition of the game has yet to be released in that country.

The total score is 33 out of 40, and on the “out of 10” scale, that’s an 8.25–far from perfect, but far above the mediocre scores this particular edition of the game has received from much of the mainstream gaming media, in both North America and Europe.

So far, all we know is the score.  We are working to get some sort of translation from the individual reviews from the good news.  As soon as we are able to obtain something, we’ll let you know.

While domestic scores caused fan outrage and accusations of bias, these scores may promote a sense of relief and celebration among the Sonic community–as well as, perhaps, a sense of concern that Sega did make some alterations to the title.  You may remember that the next-gen Unleashed was delayed in Japan, and Sega had to assure the world that no tweaks were being made to the game for quality control purposes.  That angle of the story may now creep back up, and if it does, we will follow it for you.

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