Update: ESRB Rates SMC+ for XBOX 360

Update: ESRB Rates SMC+ for XBOX 360

by January 28, 2009

Indications Re-Release of Re-Release Coming Stateside

We broke the news about PEGI rating Sonic Mega Collection Plus for European countries on Monday, First at TSSZ.

Now, a rating has surfaced over at the Entertainment Software Rating Board for SMC+–also for the XBOX 360.  If it’s under similar circumstances as the PEGI rating, it at least means the re-release will be downloadable via XBOX Live in North America.

The release is even happening amid the upcoming launch of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, another SEGA compilation slated for release on both XBOX360 and Playstation 3.  Some fans are speculating that this separate release may be occuring to cater to Sonic faithful who only want those particular titles, but don’t want to spend the extra money for everything else planned for SUGC.