SBK: New Information from Blognik

SBK: New Information from Blognik

by February 9, 2009

What does the Fairy Dust Do?  What Can you Unlock?

A pretty lengthy update has been posted over at the Sonic City Blognik by ArchangelUK.  In it, he goes into pretty deep depth regarding the game’s mechanics and what you’ll encounter through the game.

ArchangelUK also goes into detail about some of the first unlockables you’ll get–the winners from the SBK art contest held several months back.  All regions will be included in the game.

And, if you’re still wondering what all this talk is about fairies as opposed to rings, ArchangelUK speaks about that as well:

To start with… Rings, Fairies and other items.

In the beginning we get a big cut scene in which Sonic is summoned by Merlina, we don’t see Sonic prior to this so the first we actually see him he’s plummeting to earth bellowing in terror. Before face-planting. Oww. Sonic then has to do some acrobatics in order to save his two Chilli Dogs that he’d obviously just bought. Confronted by the evil warriors of the Black Knight and the frightened girl who pleads with him for help Sonic shrugs and, after eating one of the Chilli Dogs (yes, he coolly makes everyone wait for him to do something) admits he’s rather familiar with the drill and proceeds to kick some booty.

There are various things that will seem familiar to you but as Sonic himself remarks during the tutorial (yes, there is a tutorial process but it is MUCH better than the one on Secret Rings) “The rules seem a bit different this time.”

Indeed, there’s actually a slight twist in the plot as Sonic is essentially starting as the bad guy trying to stop the legitimate, if corrupted, King. As such he is quickly dubbed a naive. Now, as you go through stages you’ll spot lots of fairys about the place

Yellow Fairies – These give you rings so collect them, you can also get rings through other means such as smashing pots.

Red Fairies – These give a significant boost to your soul gauge, which makes a return from SatSR the long lines of pearls are replaced by juicy red apples this time around.

Blue Fairies – You’ll find these in strings across your path and they will give you a significant speed boost – they are your dash pads.


Stages increase in length as you go through unsurprisingly, some are simple races through whilst others will see you doing various “heroic deeds” which range from simply helping you to master certain techniques to specific tasks to please the Lady of the Lake, who look remarkably like Amy – which leads to some awkwardness!

In one mission you will have to give the townspeople rings, this involves first ly doing away with any foes around that are terrorising them then pressing the Z button to instigate a conversation. You’ll then have to do a little QTE which I assure you is a lot easier and quicker than a certain flying level in Unleashed. Success will give them 20 rings and will make them very happy. Failure will leave them disappointed and you won’t be able to try again with them, so beware. If you overshoot you can do a quick sommersault backwards by the way.

Once you’ve done this the first time you’ll soon spot the odd villager in other stages who has a speech bubble over their head. Talking to them will start another QTE for ring and success will gain you a mystery present.

Unlockables, Collectables & The Art Contest

As you pass through the game you’ll find and gain all sorts of little collectables that you will have to identify outside of levels. There are 200 in all to collect and include special badges of rank should you defeat a lot of foes, etc. You’ll be able to trade these with friends over Nintendo Wi-Fi.

You’ll also unlock special media as you go in a vault similar to the book from SatSR, I’ve seen character art, cut scenes, music and art all mentioned as well as one tab for “character voices” hmmmm…. But one of the first things you’ll get is three videos. These videos contain the European/Australian, American/Canadian and Japanese winners of the Sonic & The Black Knight art contest with your names emblazoned across the bottom! Seriously they all look really good though I’m especially proud of the SOE ones – I’d forgotten how awesome they look.

Also – Tails Doll appears in an SOA one! So you get Tails Doll AND Fang/Nack in there as well as Tikal and I might’ve even spotted an appearance of Bean and Bark whistle past… not sure on the last one.

Versus The Knights

I played through until I got passed Knuckles (Gawain), who is the second of the triumvirate (great word that) of Knights you will face on your way up to fighting the Black Knight himself. Knuckles is very honourable naturally enough and has grave doubts about his King’s actions which deeply trouble him whilst Shadow (Lancelot) shows unwavering loyalty despite the Black Knight’s meanings.

The 1-on-1 duels are fast, furious and intense!

Also during cutscenes where you encounter the Knight of the Round table in the back ground you’ll here instrumental versions of musical themes associated with them. Shadow had “Throw It All Away” whilst Knuckles, who was not dozing in the dusk, has his instrumental of “Unknown from M.E.”. I didn’t get to Blaze (Percival) so I’ll be very interested as to what hers might be… because she’s never really had a ‘theme’ as such.

TSSZ News will continue to keep you informed with all the latest information regarding Sonic and the Black Knight up to launch day.