First Look: Sonic #200, Sonic Universe #4

First Look: Sonic #200, Sonic Universe #4

by February 20, 2009

picture-9New Plot Details, Cover Art Inside

A bit overlooked in Wednesday’s story regarding Sonic Universe #1 was that Archie also released new details on future Sonic comics, including the landmark 200th issue.

Some of this information may be old news to a few reading…because not only is the rumored cover to #200 we brought you last month now confirmed, so are some of the details of said issue Archie Managing Editor Mike Pellerito told us about exclusively during the New York Comic Con.  For those souls, we have some new details on the fourth issue of Sonic Universe.  Keep in mind, the first issue hasn’t even hit newsstands yet.

Have a look at the details below, and underneath that, be sure to get a good look at the covers from both Sonic #200 and Sonic Universe #4.  We’ll continue to track what comes out of Archie’s Sonic blog now and in the future.


“Turnabout is Fair Play”: The epic anniversary issue you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Back in Sonic #50, Sonic managed to win against his arch-rival, Dr. Robotnik. In Sonic #175, the doctor got his revenge! Now they duel for the fate of the world! Will freedom come to Mobius? Or will the Eggman Empire rule forever more? Place your bets – but be ready for the startling conclusion! Don’t miss this cranium-creasing, brain-bending, mind-blowing saga!
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
PENCILES Tracy Yardley!
INKS: Jim Amash
Dimension-crossing cover by Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante
Shipping Date: May 6th, 2009
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: May 13th, 2009
On Sale on Newsstands: May 26th, 2009
32-page, full color comic
$2.50 US


“The Ultimate Lifeform”: The all-out battle-turned-alliance between Shadow and Rouge takes a new twist… and there may be no turning back! Transported from G.U.N.’s secret base to the surreal Special Zone, the reluctant allies meet the zone’s mega-powerful master, Feist. What will Feist require of them? Can they successfully complete the challenge as well as their other missions and tasks for G.U.N.? What would failure mean to Shadow, who considers himself the “ultimate lifeform?” This action-packed issue co-stars Hope Kintobor and Omega, and features the first assembly of “Team Dark.” It also paves the way for the next intriguing saga, which promises to bring back everyone’s favorite red echidna!
SCRIPT: Ian Flynn
ART: Tracy Yardley!
Shipping Date: May 2Oth, 2009
On Sale at Comic Specialty Shops: May 27th, 2009
On Sale on Newsstands: June 9th, 2009
32-page, full color comic
$2.50 US

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