Sonic & the Black Knight: Launch Trailer

Sonic & the Black Knight: Launch Trailer

by March 3, 2009

Sonic and the Black Knight LogoKnuckles, Shadow, and Blaze gameplay included.

Just like any other game, Sonic & the Black Knight has just received it’s launch trailer.

Thanks to a News Tip from Fox Gungrave, we  now see much more of Black Knight. Including the first ever gameplay of Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze. Their gameplay seemed just as fast as Sonic’s. You’ll also notice that Shadow uses his Chaos powers in this game. (Ex. Chaos Control)

And also making it’s first appearance is the song, “Knight of the Wind” with lyrics. It was changed up a bit to make it different from it’s Japanese counter part.

Take a look for yourself, and be sure to stay tuned with TSSZ News as the reviews begin poring in.