SSMB Head: “I’m Certainly Prepared” To Rebuild

SSMB Head: “I’m Certainly Prepared” To Rebuild

by March 5, 2009

stadium_shutdownComments as Pieces of TSS, SSMB Return Online

The rebuilding process of the Sonic Stadium has begun with the full support of the entire staff, including Sonic Stadium Message Board admin Roarey Raccoon.

The longtime head of the SSMB left a comment on our original story assuring readers he will be part of the revival.

“We will be bringing it back, a fresh new start,” Roarey said in his comment.  “After all, SSMB, the forum, is the lifeblood of TSS, the basis of its community. There’s no way I’d let SSMB die for as long as TSS exists and I’m sure Dreadknux feels the same way.”

Involved with the SSMB for five years, all traces of it and his hard work were completely wiped, as was much of the Sonic Stadium network of sites, including the Sonic Showcase Network, radio service SegaSonic Radio, and The Sonic Show video service.

“I’m rather bummed about it, having worked on it for 5 years (and putting a lot of my time into it too, time and drama,)” Roarey continued.  “It really is a shame that so much was lost, but maybe this fresh start will be a good thing for the community and really add some fuel to renew stagnating passions in the website and fandom. But yes, TSS/SSMB/SSR will be back, assuredly.”

“I’m certainly prepared to go on with SSMB and SSR,” Roarey added in a supplemental E-Mail to TSSZ News.

Already, pieces are starting to get back into place.  A somewhat rough front page has returned, with a notice posted to those unaware of the situation.  An even rougher, barren edition of the SSMB is also now online, and a roll call is being conducted by TSS head Svend Joscelyne, better known as Dreadknux.  As of this publication, of the thousands who once had accounts, 176 have re-registered.

We are waiting for word on the fate of the Sonic Relief fundraising drive we reported on Monday, in light of the current climate at the Sonic Stadium.  When we learn what will happen, TSSZ News will pass the information along.