IGN Reviews MadWorld, Loves It

IGN Reviews MadWorld, Loves It

by March 9, 2009

MADWORLD‘Controversial’ IGN staffer weighs in his opinion on Wii’s most controversial game

IGN have today gone live with the first online review of the Sega published gore-fest MadWorld for the Nintendo Wii. Developed by Platinum Games, MadWorld is the first of the company’s games to see released with Bayonetta for PS3 and 360 expected later this year. Despite being a brand new IP MadWorld has already faced it’s fair share of controversy with calls to ban the game from a UK Watchdog supported by the notoriously anti-game newspaper the Daily Mail. Common sense seems to have prevailed as the game is due for release tomorrow (10th March) in the US and Friday 20th March in the UK with no serious moves to block it from government or the BBFC

Causing his own controversy recently Matt Casamassina was on hand to review the game for IGN. Just last week he scored Sonic and the Black Knight a damning 3.9 out of 10 before revelations surfaced online that he might not have played the game to it’s actual conclusion. Several other sources have since reviewed SBK with scores ranging from 7-8/10

If blue hedgehogs wielding swords aren’t his thing Matt clearly likes MadWorld lead character Jack with his arm mounted chainsaw a whole heap more. Sega have been at pains to point out the irreverent humour and over the top violence included in the game, something Matt seems to identify with.

“In no other game, for example, can you grab hold of a leather-clad enemy and impale him anus first on a rusty spike, which penetrates his body and rips through his mouth in a bloody fountain on the other side. Uh-huh — there’s going to be some phone calls. But beneath the oceans of cinematically dismembered limbs, chainsaw-severed torsos and uncensored F-bombs, there waits a legitimately entertaining game supported by a compelling storyline, a breathtakingly bold style and some fun, engaging play mechanics to boot. MadWorld may ultimately not be for everyone — its black and white presentation and unabashedly offensive content practically ensure that — but those who do get it will absolutely love it. And for the record, I completely get it.”

MadWorld has always looked the part in black white and red all over but various previews have called into question the repetitive nature of the game. Matt elaborates:

“There’s great diversity, but as you explore the world you will still inevitably encounter repeat kills, which is disappointing. I couldn’t tell you how many times I slammed an enemy into a rose bush during the course of the adventure, but it was definitely a lot. The murders themselves are so brutal and funny, not to mention beautifully rendered, however, that their eventual repetitiveness — an unavoidable side effect of any beat-’em-up — is a little easier to forgive.”

Ultimately the game gets a 9/10 rating from IGN US and an equally impressive 8.9/10 rating from IGN’s UK arm. Coupled with House of the Dead: Overkill Sega seem to be making a conceded effort to get some actual adult games on Nintendo’s increasingly ‘family friendly’ console. As far as IGN are concerned, that’s not a bad thing at all.