Which Sonic Looks the Best?

Which Sonic Looks the Best?

by April 3, 2009

2dsonicWe’re Not Talking Games…We’re Talking Poses

Throughout Sonic’s history, the hedgehog has always struck a pose.  Over time, in days of 2D and 3D, everything from Sonic’s promotional art to in-game modeling and sprites have evolved.  As the technology gets better, so do Sonic’s looks…or do they?

That was the subject of an article this week from GamesRadar.com.  Simply put, on looks alone, which incarnation of Sonic looks the best?

Content Editor Justin Towell examines every incarnation of the hedgehog from 1991 to today.  His verdict on the best may surprise you.

His pick for the worst, however, probably won’t; it’s the Werehog.  Cue more Sonic Unleashed bashing:

The only reason he exists is to pad out the game because regular Sonic’s amazing action stages now take far too much time, money and effort to produce because he’s so fast you need miles of scenery to fill a single minute of action.

But that’s no excuse for his existence. If he were called anything other than Sonic, and appearing in a game that didn’t tantalise us with the best Sonic gameplay in a decade, we might feel differently. But he isn’t, and he didn’t, so we don’t.

picture-3Towell’s pick for the best is Sonic’s sprite art from the finished Sonic 2 –though the art from the game’s beta did receive an honorable mention.  Claiming that 3D Sonics don’t pull the same heartstrings as the classic variant, he comments:

The artwork is refined rather than reworked, the character movement is similar yet even faster, and he’s totally uncluttered by special shields and super uber moves. The Spin Dash remains the only addition to Sonic’s moveset that genuinely enhanced the experience. He doesn’t talk, yet there’s so much expression in his little pixelly face. Ladies and gentlemen: the ultimate Sonic.

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