Yu Suzuki Retires, Shenmue III in Jeopardy

Yu Suzuki Retires, Shenmue III in Jeopardy

by April 4, 2009

ShenmueLegend Still Working for Sega in a Reduced Capacity

There has been a lot of wrong information given about Sega legend Yu Suzuki in the past year. Sega of America President Simon Jeffery stated that he was no longer with the company, a comment which was quickly corrected a day later stating that Suzuki was actually now a ‘Creative Officer’. IGN also spoke out of line stating that Yu Suzuki left Sega to form Prope. Of course this is massively incorrect as the founder of Prope is none other than Yuji Naka. To make matters worse IGN corrected their article with more false information stating that Yu Suzuki had simply left Sega, something they never corrected, even to this day.

So it’s with a certain trepidation that TSSZ reports on a story by Kotaku claiming that Yu Suzuki has ‘retired’. The legend hasn’t however left Sega as erroneously reported previously but is said to have assumed a smaller role as a manager at Sega’s AM Plus R&D department.

Kotaku look to stick the boot into Sega fans however with their parting comment about the story.

“While Shenmue fans should really have given up hope of seeing Shenmue III a long, long time ago, we’d have to think that those still holding a candle for a third chapter should extinguish those hopes. Yes, Suzuki is still a Sega man, but it seems his creative influence is becoming increasingly, let’s say, selective.”

Oh dear.