Sonic Fansite opens a Sonic Database

Sonic Fansite opens a Sonic Database

by April 7, 2009

Sonic Fan FlashFans are now able to submit Databased articles to Rings & Emeralds.

The Sonic Fansite Rings & Emeralds has now opened up more to the Sonic community. What I mean when I say “opened up more” is that you can interact more with the site than most other ones out there.

Members of the site can submit their own Sonic information for all to see. However, it must be neatly written with proper grammar for it to be published. Luckily, all the tools you’ll need to fix those type of problems are given to you once you begin your article.

What is the Sonic Info Database, you ask? Well, think of it as a huge database, which anyone can enter info into. All you have to do is register, and you can create a article for the Sonic Info Database, that’s all. Admins will categorize it for you, if it’s appropriate and is Sonic related info. We will not allow the article if it is about a fan character or anything related to fan characters. At the moment the Info Database is a bit empty, but as more people submit entries into it, the better it will get. The articles can be about almost anything, examples such as, game reviews, character profiles, game info, etc… the possibilities are endless!

There aren’t many articles at the moment due to it just being released. However, this gives the fans who want to participate in this a better chance of writing the Sonic info they want.

Hows do you guys feel of this type change for a website? Let us know by comment below!