Inside the Pages: Sonic: Evolution of a Hero

Inside the Pages: Sonic: Evolution of a Hero

by April 24, 2009

picture-51Where to get the cover and first pages of free comic

Archie will once again be participating in Free Comic Book Day, which is coming up next Saturday, May 2nd.  Some details have emerged on what comic book lovers can expect when Archie releases one of its free comics to the masses that day.

Sonic: Evolution of a Hero will be a primer of Sonic’s origins, as well as Knuckles, Shadow, Eggman, and many more freedom fighters.  That’s according to the Free Comic Book Day website, which posted cover art and the first few pages of the 32 page special.  Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, and many more play a part in the production of this special.

You can head to this link to see the cover and download the corresponding PDF for a sneak peek.  Remember–the issue will be free when it’s out next Saturday.