Development Slowly Continues for ProSonic Engine

Development Slowly Continues for ProSonic Engine

by May 4, 2009

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Though releasing the next build of the ProSonic SFG engine is an idealistic target for developer Damian Grove, even he admits it’s unlikely to occur.

That’s according to his latest status report on the project, first published Friday.  Grove itemized development on the next engine build into a seven point plan, but thus far, only the first two out of the seven have been worked on–and sparingly at that.   Some revisions have been made to the engine’s background layer capabilities, as well as to the scripting language meant to emulate the feel of Multimedia Fusion, a favorite tool among Sonic fan game creators.

According to Grove, improvements have also been made with Sonic’s physics:

….the physics are closer to being perfect than they have ever been. In fact, I can run that demo, and Sonic will most certainly go up the ramp properly without missing! Rolling through Chemical Plant is no longer an issue, because Sonic now glides smoothly across all the slopes and loops. You’d be surprised how the tiniest changes make all the difference. I used my tracer program I wrote for Sonic 2 to track down what was going on in Sonic 2 that was different from ProSonic. That helped a whole lot.

Still, Grove says, a release date for the next version of ProSonic remains up in the air:

When I get through my 7-point plan, ProSonic will be ready for another public release. At the moment, I still have another week of schooling, and I’ve made a commitment to the S2HD team, so ProSonic will be on hold for just a little longer. I’m anxious to show off some of the work I’ve done. I think a lot of people will really appreciate how much better of an engine it is right now compared to the 8-22-8 release. That isn’t to say it’s near finished, but there are a number of very positive things happening with it.

So anyway, I don’t know of a release date yet. A SAGE release would be a goal to work toward, but I’m not releasing it for SAGE if my 7-point plan hasn’t been completed yet. SAGE is such a good opportunity to promote, in that case, I may have to do something different for SAGE rather than an actual engine release. It all depends on how smoothly development goes between now and then.

Development continues, and should ProSonic make it to the 2009 Sonic Amateur Games Expo, you can count on TSSZ News to bring you everything you need to know about it during the Summer event.