Double Shot of Adventure Packs on XBOX Live

Double Shot of Adventure Packs on XBOX Live

by May 21, 2009

soniculogoShamar, Apotos Adventure Packs Combine

Sega has released a two-for-one deal this week for the Sonic Unleashed Adventure Packs.

For the low price of 250 Microsoft points, you’ll be able to add extra levels to both Apotos and Shamar.  In all, nine missions are spread across the two continents, including five daytime missions and four Werehog objectives.  Microsoft’s website notes that three all new stages were designed for this DLC pack.

It’s unclear right now how the stages and missions are divided up, as the DLC pack was just released within the hour.  However, that’s why our editor Ryan Bloom will be investigating it, just as he’s done with the other Unleashed DLC packs.  New information from him will be forthcoming shortly.