Latest Sonic Unleashed DLC Glitched

Latest Sonic Unleashed DLC Glitched

by May 22, 2009

Invisible object blocks players paths

Early this morning fans of Sonic Unleashed received an unexpectedly heaping helping of Sonic Unleashed downloadable content (DLC for short) with the release of the Shamar & Apotos Adventure Pack. Though it was released a week later than anticipated, there are some signs that perhaps it could’ve used another week.

Those who visit the site frequently will know that I am the go-to guy around here when it comes to playing and reviewing the Sonic Unleashed DLC packs. Thus, imagine my surprise when I discovered in the DLC for Arid Sands Act 1-2 an invisible barrier. And not just any invisible barrier – but an invisible barrier that damages Sonic if he touches it.

(Can’t see the video? Click here!)

For the impatient, fast forward to the 1:55 mark to see the invisible barrier in action. It is currently unclear if SonicTeam has any intention of patching this, though let’s hope that they do.

Expect my full review of the Shamar & Apotos Adventure Pack sometime tomorrow.