Previous ProSonic Builds Released Publicly

Previous ProSonic Builds Released Publicly

by May 26, 2009

sonic-fan-flashScripting Support in Current Build Rapidly Progressing

Damian Grove has posted new information regarding his Sonic fan game engine project dubbed ProSonic, but before he did that, something much more substantial was offered to the public.

Twenty-seven previous builds of ProSonic, including the first public release from last year, were made available in one archive.  The development process goes back to December 2005, when Grove began the project with a completely different engine prototype in mind.  That concept would be dumped in 2006 for Engine 2, the current build on which ProSonic is based.

Shortly after the release, Grove posted a progress report on that current build, claiming it now supports certain arrays, text output, music and sound, and more.  According to him, there’s much more in the cards for the engine’s scripting support:

I’m planning sprite/animation output soon. I also have an idea on how to script enemies and other active objects in a “simple” manner. I’ve been studying the enemies in Sonic 2 and followed their patterns and how they function, and I realized how amazingly NOT complicated they are. So I’m considering making objects have states, where you can define a movement range, speed of movement, and other little things. Then you would simply tell the script to set the state, and the engine would run the code for that state, figuring out how to move the enemy, if it should detect collision or not, etc. That would be the biggest challenege of this scripting language. It would make designing enemies and other kinds of active objects for newbies very easy to do I believe.

We’ll continue to track the progress of the ProSonic engine.