YouTube Contacted Over “Sonic’s Channel” Legality

YouTube Contacted Over “Sonic’s Channel” Legality

by June 16, 2009

picture-11AAUK Issues Official Denial of SMC3 Existence

What was originally rumor stemming from a YouTube page claiming to be official has now spun off into almost two different stories: The question of whether a third major Sonic compilation is in the works, and the future of the popular but now proven to be unofficial source that still claims it to be so.

The former, at least, now appears set in stone.  Upon being reached by TSSZ News for further clarification, ArchangelUK, speaking in his capacities as a Sega Europe employee, officially and clearly denied such a compilation was underway.

“No “Sonic Mega Collection 3″ has been announced or is currently planned,” AAUK told TSSZ News.  “The only games involving Sonic that have been announced are:  Sonic & SEGA All-Star Racing, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games (DS and Wii versions), and to a lesser extent the mobile version of Sonic Unleashed.”

That now leaves the other question of what will happen to “SonicsChannel” and its network of Sonic the Hedgehog related Youtube entities.  The pages remain and still largely claim themselves to be official entities, though that designation has been debunked for some time now.  Not helping matters was the channel’s announcement of an art competition early today.

That may leave the last resort of legal action as the only option, according to AAUK.

“After some consultation within SEGA, I have contacted YouTube with regard to this network of channels and are awaiting response from them in regard to action on the matter,” he told TSSZ News.  “As stated previously the channels are not official and are not made by SEGA Japan, SEGA America or SEGA Europe neither are they made or run by Sonic Team.  I’d like to reiterate at this time that you cannot under any circumstances claim you are official anything for any company/intellectual properly of said company unless you ARE official. Comments made as a company for instance could be considered libelous under law if in any way defamatory.”

If the network of Sonic related channels is hurried offline, it will displace thousands of the channel’s friends and subscribers, many of whom may still believe the channel has an official designation.

If an update is received on the matter, we’ll be sure to pass it along.