Sega Champions Mature Wii Games

Sega Champions Mature Wii Games

by June 30, 2009

segaWith HOTD: Overkill Profitable & MadWorld Pushing Boundaries, Sega Contemplates More Adult Content For Wii

Mention the Wii to many people and it will usually conjure up an image of a family friendly console for little kids and women trying to loose weight. The last thing on most peoples minds is a platform to release M rated content on but earlier this year Sega were keen to test the waters with the release of the decidedly mature House Of The Dead: Overkill and MadWorld.

Whilst neither game blasted open the doors for M rated content to sell in Wii Fit style numbers Sega have been suitably impressed with the performance of their games to dabble with more challenging content for the Wii in the future.

“House of the Dead: Overkill was a profitable title for us,”

…revealed Gary Dunn, MD of European development for Sega, speaking exclusively to

“Whilst it had a rather sharp tail at full price, they do bubble away at a lower price point for a long time. You get your money back and a bit on full price, but over the years, if we do the final product return on investment, profits come from the lower price point.”

MadWorld could be considered by some to have been a retail disaster but it reviewed well and has amassed a big enough cult following to warrant the games soundtrack to be released to buy.

“You have to push boundaries and explore. I think whilst MadWorld commercially didn’t sell what we were expecting I wouldn’t say it’s game over for mature Wii titles from Sega.

“We’re taking a look at the resources we have now. We’ve got money to invest in development; we’re just considering where to invest it next,”

What could be waiting in the wings at Sega? An Overkill sequel seems likely and maybe some brash new IP’s. One things for certain, the onslaught of Mature games for Wii hasn’t even gotten warmed up yet.