ONM’s M&S Winter Olympics Preview

ONM’s M&S Winter Olympics Preview

by July 5, 2009

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In the UK, where the Olympic clash of the video game titans is wildly popular, the Official Nintendo Magazine has posted a new preview of the franchise’s upcoming Winter variant, Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

ONM had played three of the game’s varying challenges, and seemed pretty content with all of them:

The first was downhill skiing, which works well. As in the previous game, you can choose to play with either a Remote or a Remote and a Nunchuk, depending on how many controllers you’ve got knocking about. We went for the Remote and Nunchuk option, which requires you to hold both controllers upward in front of you like ski poles. To turn you tilt both controllers to the left or right and to go faster you tilt them both forward. It seems a bit basic but the fun’s in the way you’re supposed to play the game. If you do the proper motions a real skier would perform (leaning left and right and crouching to pick up speed), the natural position the controllers end up in make it all work as it’s supposed to.

It’s the same deal with speed skating. Despite the name, this event isn’t all about how fast you can waggle the controllers. Instead, it’s based on timing. You swing your arms left and right (the same way a speed skater would in real life), but you have to do it to the proper rhythm. Do it too slow and obviously you won’t pick up speed, too fast and you’ll mess up the rhythm and stumble.

You can also read up on ONM’s unique experience with M&S’s Bobsleigh mode at the full preview page.

Along with the impressions, ONM also published six screenshots–all of them appearing to be new–from the Wii edition of the game.  We have those below.