Puyo Pop 7 theme song single heading to CD

Puyo Pop 7 theme song single heading to CD

by July 6, 2009

Puyo Pop 7Theme song sung by Asami Imai to be released as a single…

For those excited about the upcoming July 29th Japanese release of Puyo Pop 7 (known as Puyo Puyo 7 in Japan) for the Nintendo DS, I have news of a theme song single to keep the excitement going. Head over to Sega’s Official Puyo Pop 7 Website to hear the theme song to the game. The song goes by the title Puyo Puyo no Uta” and is being sung by vocalist Asami Imai, who’s also voicing Ringo Ando, the game’s lead character.

The single is currently planned for a release a day after the Puyo Pop 7 Nintendo DS game on July 29th. It’s being released through Wave Master at a price of ¥1,260.

For those interested in buying the Japanese release of Puyo Pop 7, head over to Play-Asia.com. There is also a Sony PSP and Nintendo Wii version of the game in the works, a release date of winter 2009 is planned for Japan.  Sega currently has not yet announced any releases of the game outside of Japan, so far a US release is doubtful.

(Source: Sega Nerds)

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