Don’t Expect Everlasting Song at SAGE

Don’t Expect Everlasting Song at SAGE

by July 15, 2009

songPost-SAGE Demo Release Not Ruled Out

It was one of the most celebrated titles at last year’s Sonic Amateur Games Expo, even though it wasn’t a Sonic fan game.  An updated demo of Everlasting Song is in development, and gamers may get another taste of the title soon.

Unfortunately, according to a statement released yesterday by Everlasting Song creator Blue Frenzy, that opportunity will likely not come during this year’s SAGE.

That footnote exists within an explanation of the new features expected in the next version:

You can find in this new version colour statues. Each one gives you one extra magic point. You can increase the maximum amount of magic you can carry from 5 to 9, so there are 20 statues to find.

Furthermore, there are 32 weapons, 16 armours, 10 shoes and 32 rings, among the extras: finding all 150 rainbow pearls, filling the enemy list, completing all the quests, finding every item and finishing the secret dungeons.

Oh, I forgot that in this version you will be able to equip 2 different rings, so you have more possibilities. Also there are 3 new potions. Before you had green (long range attack), purple (increased damage) and blue (regeneration). Now blue is cyan, and you have also yellow (incredibly damage aura), red (invulnerability) and blue (full healing). Every level has been remade from zero, even if they have the same structure, they had been enhanced, with new areas to explore, new challenges, less empty areas and more calculated jumps.

Also, there is a day-night change. You stay 4 hours at day, 3 at night, 1 at sunset and 1 at morning. Depending of the daytime you could find different enemies. For example, that ghost girls in the video appears only at night. The ruins have a different time situation, where you stay 4 hours at sunset, 3 at morning, 1 at day and 1 at night, so your chances of finding them are very low, and they have a secret drop: katana. A strong weapon in the begginning of the game, and also the fastest one.

Anyway, I won’t do it in time. I have my vacations after next week and there are so many bugs to release a stable version. Well, it’s playable but it crashes when you go to an undone level or some hazards have some strange bugs I’m working on fixing.

It doesn’t appear that too much time will pass for those waiting.  When the next version of Everlasting Song is released, we’ll be sure to pass the word along.