Sonic Chronicles Bombs in Japan

Sonic Chronicles Bombs in Japan

by August 14, 2009

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark BrotherhoodResults are In, Far from Good

You may have forgotten by now that Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood had, until this month, not yet been localizd and released in Japan.

Apparently, Japanese Sonic fans forgot too.

According to GoNintendo, the game, called Sonic Chronicles: Invaders from the Dark Dimension in the land of the rising sun, only sold about 2,100 copies in its launch week.  A second estimate from puts the figure slightly lower, to a more exact 2,095.

There are several factors to consider when digesting this information.  The Japanese edition of Chronicles was not promoted that well in the territory; while it had a dedicated website, there wasn’t much else meant to expose Japanese audiences to the RPG.  The game also wasn’t the worst seller in Japan for the week.  A few other new titles couldn’t break the 1,000 barrier.

There’s also the matter of how well Chronicles fared domestically.  While the polarizing Sonic Unleashed has sold well over 2 million copies worldwide, Chronicles is just south of the 700,000 mark, with only about 420,000 units sold in North America. according to

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