GamesCom 09: Alpha Protocol, Pictures & Video Interview

GamesCom 09: Alpha Protocol, Pictures & Video Interview

by August 20, 2009

alphaEver Wanted To Be James Bond Or Jack Bauer?


New to the pages of TSSZ, Alpha Protocol, developed by Obsidion Entertainment and published by Sega, aims to put you in the shoes of every good film secret agent letting you play how you want and offering a vast amount of replay-ability. While you have the option to shoot first and ask questions later you do have a more subtle approach at your disposal. Your Secret Agent can be suave, full of charm and able to talk himself out of trouble rarely killing anyone. In fact the video interview, Alpha Protocol’s Associate Producer Alvin Nelson explains you could finish the game without killing anyone.

The game appears to play out similarly to Mass Effect; An RPG but more focused on run and gun gameplay. Mass Effects conversation tree also seems to have been borrowed but with a few improvements. Firstly you’ve a time limit on your choice which seems an obvious choice that’s mostly been overlooked in games. You wouldn’t expect James Bond to stand for an age and ponder what to say next. The trees also include actions as well as words. If you take a look at the pictures you’ll see the option to ‘head slam’, the move the video interview opens with.

Those of you in the US can pick up the game on October 6th for PC, Ps3 and 360. The rest of us wait for a rather more vague ‘October 09’ date. So any of you TSSZ-ites got a desire to be a Secret Agent?