GamesCom 09, ASR Interview

GamesCom 09, ASR Interview

by August 21, 2009

sonic_racingThe Definitive Reason Why Sonic Is In A Car

TSSZ News’ coverage of GamesCom continues with a video interview TSSZ News readers might actually feel like commenting on. This time it’s the turn of Will Tarratt to step up to the plate and justify Sonic & Sega All Star Racing. Being the senior designer at Sumo Digital, the developer behind the game, you think he’d know his stuff. It turns out you’d be right.

You’ll be glad to know Sumo are attempting to keep all console version of the game very similar. So unlike Unleashed we won’t end up with such a difference between current gen consoles and the Wii. Tarratt also gives some insight into how they decided which Sega characters should appear in the game. Obviously Sega had a say buy Sumo did apparently try to listen to fans. Knuckles making an appearance might have had something to do with that.

He most interesting topic by far is why exactly Sonic is in a car. Will Tarratt brings this up and watching him you feel it’s a question he’s answered many times before. The answer might surprise you; Sumo digital actually experimented with some of the characters running around, Sonic R style; Specifically Sonic running and Beat skating. Other characters who couldn’t move so fast were combined to vehicles such as Eggman’s Monster Truck.

Problems arose when deciding what should happen when people on foot collided with such monstrous machinery. It wouldn’t look good for Sonic to be run over. Also Sumo thought it would confuse players, there being a vast difference in controlling a character to controlling a car. Finally Will decides having Sonic being able to run just wouldn’t be fair so to compete in the race it was decided he’d use a car to slow him down a bit. Looking at his car it should still be one of the fastest in the game.

Take a look at the video below then let us know what you think in the comments section.