More M&S Gameplay Videos

More M&S Gameplay Videos

by August 21, 2009

winterolympicsUpdate: Watch Ice Hockey Vid As Skiing Has Been Deleated By Sega

While bringing news to TSSZ readers is the norm it’s rarely under such pressure with the potential for content to be yanked off the internet within hours. So there’s a chance you’ll have to be as fast as Sonic himself to catch a glimpse. Of course there’s also the chance the videos won’t be going anywhere and you’ll have all the time in the world to watch them but that’s the exciting thing, you just don’t know!

sonicsmashkirby was actually the first to forwards the following two videos to us though Puralso found the link to the Game Trailers video and ironically posted a link to it in the story telling people how Sega are removing said videos. Both videos are off camera playable footage from GamesCom.

The first video is Sonic downhill Skiing. I had a chance to preview this earlier in the year and it can be played with the remote, remote and nunchuck or a combination of the two with the balance board. The aim is to race down the hill staying inside the track but passing as close to the flags as possible. The closer to the flag you get the faster you get boosted. Of course the more you try the more danger you have of missing the flags completely and incurring a time penalty. You might notice an ‘A’ command flashing below Sonic’s portrait in the video. The person playing never presses it but this unleashes a one shot boos manoeuvre best saved for the straights.

The second sport is Ice Hockey. Players pick between a team of four characters; one staying in goal with the other three racing around the ice rink trying to score. Being English the rules of Ice Hockey escape me other than hit the puck with a big stick into the net. It appears to be the same idea in the video. Alas, there’s no news of a NHL style fighting mechanic, as much as I’m sure some of you would like to see various Sonic and Mario characters hit upside the head with a hockey stick.

The videos are below for now but we’ll see how long they last. Your time starts…


Update: August 23rd

Looks like ‘the man’ have been and removed the downhill skiing so if you didn’t see it you were too slow. To all of those who did, congratulations, give yourselves a pat on the back or something. Alternatively get someone else to do it for you. It seems the mighty hand of Sega’s legal department has yet to pull the Game Trailers video offline so the Ice Hockey can still be viewed below. Game Trailers are hopefully above such pointless pressure. Well done to Sega for their unwavering Agent Smith like tenacity in deleting your own fans videos of a game they’re looking forward to and trying to spread the word about. I’m sure this tactic is making you lots of friends.


Ice Hockey