Subtitled Sonic X Coming to Hulu

Subtitled Sonic X Coming to Hulu

by August 24, 2009

Sonic XThe Next Evolution of a 4Kids Streaming Experiment

A blog that claims to be linked to the YouTube portal for 4Kids.TV has noted that subtitled episodes of Sonic X are on their way to the Internet.

It won’t be YouTube, but Hulu that will host what the Nameless Cubicle Office Guy site claims will be season 1 of the ANIME series, perhaps as early as this fall.  When it hits, it will be “sans edits,” notes the blog.

These are first details coming out, as the blog notes development between Hulu and 4Kids is in a testing mode, with more information coming out shortly.

This is good news for some Sonic fans starved to see the series uncut, but it isn’t great for all fans–notably those outside of the United States.  Hulu, like YouTube, can and will limit viewing of videos to those within the U.S., a policy derived from Hulu licensing agreements.  So, international Sonic X fans may have to stick to fansubs or other methods of enjoying the series.

TSSZ News will bring you more information on these exciting developments with Sonic X as they become available.