M&S Winter Olympics Website Now Features Rewards

M&S Winter Olympics Website Now Features Rewards

by September 21, 2009

winterolympicsSnow Spirit Hunt Can Yield some Sweet Swag

The official website for Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games has unveiled a new Rewards section–but you’ll need to go on a scavenger hunt to get access to it.

On first glance the area appears as locked.  To unlock it, you’ll have to find and collect various Snow Spirits–those characters we’ve seen pop up most in the DS story mode.  There are several scattered throughout the website.

For the moment, grabbing all the Snow Spirits will yield you a few wallpapers from the game in various sizes.  However, the website promises “more to come.”

The hunt brings a certain level of user interactivity to the game’s website, and fans hope that it’ll be more than just wallpapers available in the Rewards section as it evolves.  What would you want to see as a reward?  Tell us in the comments section.

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