RetroHack Shuts Down

RetroHack Shuts Down

by October 2, 2009

Sonic SceneNiche ROM Hacking Area Suffered Downtime Problems

A Sonic website with “Retro”  in its name shut its doors for good today.

It wasn’t Sonic Retro, but RetroHack, a little known corner of the Sonic research and hacking community.  Administrator PsychoSk8r made the decision to close today. The site started as a message board, and managed to grow with the support of tightly knit supporters, without causing conflict elsewhere.

Home to only a handful of community projects–including some non-Sonic ones–the site’s Achilles heel lay in its combination of constant downtime over the course of its two year life, and a recent trend of inactivity.  Efforts were made to keep RetroHack open by a core group of members, but that was unsuccessful.

The news is unfortunate, but it is also a creepy coincidence that, given the other hubbub of the week, couldn’t be ignored.  There’s no word on what will happen to the outstanding projects once hosted at RetroHack.