Report: ToeJam & Earl Coming to ASR as DLC

Report: ToeJam & Earl Coming to ASR as DLC

by November 9, 2009

sonic_racingClaims of Greg Johnson saying it’s “Moreso than Likely”

While this story should be treated as rumor, even if the core is proven false, the larger ramifications may still spell good news for those wanting to get the most out of Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.

There is Internet chatter spreading, originating on Sega’s own forums, that claims a phone conversation with ToeJam and Earl creator Greg Johnson took place as late as last Friday between he and a fan.  The alleged conversation notes that Sega representatives are in talks with Johnson to bring the duo not in the final shipped ASR copy, but either as DLC or a pre-order bonus.

The rationale for leaving them off the final roster, according to the Johnson conversation, is that ASR has already passed the halfway mark in development, and time has run out to program them into the game copy that will ship in February.  Still, conversation notes claim that Johnson is still pushing to get them in as an add-on, noting that “it’s moreso than likely we’ll be able to get them.”

If there’s total truth to this, there’s even more good news for all console owners, as the conversation notes allege that Johnson specifically cite PSN, XBOX Live, and WiiWare as potential DLC outlets.  While the Wii’s storage capacity is limited, DLC has been done for the console before, with Samba de Amigo the most notable Sega example.  It appears Johnson will push for a blanket deal so no TJ&E fans, regardless of console preference, are left in the dark.

Even if the TJ&E deal folds, the larger prospect of DLC for ASR may remain.  While online play was a given for all editions of the game, DLC was not.  If the broader idea  is being considered, gamers may be able to add on an array of new content via online channels, be they new characters or new courses.  So, Sega characters that don’t make the cut for the disc copy may show up anyway.

The bottom line is that there are two levels of interpretation with this story, both of which are very exciting if true–but both of which need to be treated as rumor until further information develops.