Sonic Stadium Bans Fan Film Discussion

Sonic Stadium Bans Fan Film Discussion

by November 9, 2009

Sonic Stadium Generic TSSForum Admin Calls Kuta “Narcissistic,” Project “Filth”

The Sonic Stadium, which recently realigned itself as nothing more than a fan site and is typically tolerant of most fan work promotion (even having reporters dedicated to such projects on the front page’s Community Blog,) will apparently no longer support efforts to revive Richard Kuta’s Sonic fan film.

That is the stand Sonic Stadium Message Board administrator Roarz, who on Saturday threatened to “instantly” ban any member who posts anything about either the call-in effort to Sega of Japan to get it back off the ground, or the project itself.

“Most people who really have a passion go out and make things happen, they don’t whore themselves on every conceivable Sonic site,” the admin noted.

Roarz himself, who used to assume the name Roarey Raccoon on the forum and whose interests on his profile include “cartoony furry art,” went off in saying the threat was, in his words, “a bit of fun,” calling the project itself “hackneyed, pointless filth.”

Roarz himself called Kuta, who was behind the project until he abruptly put the brakes on it, a “narcissistic prat” who can “bugger off.”

The new, arbitrary policy and its delivery seem to fly in the face of several aspects of the SSMB, which includes, among other things, a Sonic Showcase sub-forum, where members can discuss fan created works, including video.  The forum’s rules note a 3 strike system for infractions that include spamming, but rights are reserved to immediately ban individuals who are either “downright obnoxious” or the “worst offenders.” Of note here is Roarz’s personal attack on Kuta himself in the announcement; Kuta is a member of the SSMB, and the rules do not allow member flaming, a rule that apparently doesn’t apply to the forum’s administrators.

This, while Kuta, as far as can be found, has not blantatly promoted the project on SSMB.

If it holds, it would be a major setback in rallying fan support to get the Sonic fan film back off the ground.  Several SSMB members have been supportive of the effort, but some discussions have gotten out of hand, forcing topic locks at the hands of SSMB moderators.

It’s not clear whether other SSMB admins or TSS staff agree or support Roarz’s mandate.  But while TSS had originally endorsed the effort–and Kuta himself–several years back, later coverage in 2007 had taken a more critical approach.