ASR Preview Blitz Odds and Ends

ASR Preview Blitz Odds and Ends

by November 27, 2009

sonic_racingThe Little Things Lost in the Melee

We’ve been in full blown ASR mode since late Wednesday.  Matters have appeared to calm down, and that has given some time to pick up on some of the items that were lost in all of it.

First, in addition to the video interview they conducted with JV247, the organization did offer a print preview, in which Wii controls were clarified.  Players will have a combination of controls to choose from, including the Wii Wheel, a Wiimote / Nunchuk combo, the Wiimote sideways, and the Wii Classic Controller.  For the moment, no support will be offered for the Gamecube controller.

The JV247 also specifies some of the power-ups, and though something may get lost in translation, we can tell you that in addition to the aforementioned rainbows and weapons, speed boosts will come in the form of Sonic’s High Speed Shoes.  There will also be a “confusing star” that will invert opponents’ screens, and something called a Super Horn and Rolling Bomb Glove.  A “KO” item–professed to the equivalent of the Mario Kart blue shell, will also be a part of the roster.  Then, there are the All-Star moves, which according to the JV247 article, will be pretty tough to pick up, and will be even harder for those who squat through high standings to use.

French site Planete Sonic also posted their preview, and in it, they affirm that the Wii edition will not include Mii use.  They may have also namedropped a few tracks to be included in ASR, in addition to the original tunes.  Number One from Sonic R, Sonic Boom from Sonic CD, and Live and Learn from Sonic Adventure 2 were cited, but don’t quite take it as a confirmation yet.

Finally, in a comment on The Sonic Stadium, Steve Lycett of Sumo Digital affirmed that the DS edition of the game will have multiple control setups.  That could include the stylus, it could not–that was not specified.