Sonic X-Treme Compilation: In Pictures

Sonic X-Treme Compilation: In Pictures

by December 7, 2009

See the game’s levels up close and personal

Earlier today we brought you a story regarding Sonic Retro’s release of once-secret Sonic X-Treme level data, previously only seen in videos provided from VHS tapes by Chris Senn. The release contains a fairly sizable amount of information – every level planned for what would have presumably been the PC version of Sonic X-Treme is contained within the release, and most (major) levels have multiple versions of each level, allowing you to track the evolution of the stage’s design before X-tremes eventual demise. Given that the level viewing tool can be sort of difficult to get a handle on and there are a fairly large number of levels, let us at TSSZ News provide you with a highlight reel of the most interesting content contained within…

Old Jade GullyThis is “Old Jade Gully”, identified by the filename “JADE1.def”. A relatively small level by Sonic X-treme standards; most likely used to demo the game to give a general idea of what the game would look and feel like. It would apparently be replaced by…

New Jade GullyThe new Jade Gully (filename “JG_07”). A much larger, much more complete level than old Jade Gully, new Jade Gully appears to focus primarily on being a side-scrolling environment similar to classic Sonic games, but one where multiple pathways are projected in 3D space.

Red Sands (Ext.) Red Sands (“RED_06”). It would seem that Red Sands Zone was broken up in to two sections: Exterior and Interior, like Sandopolis in Sonic & Knuckles. This is a screenshot of a lava-filled room in the exterior portion of red sands.

Red Sands (Int.) Red Sands Interior (“SAND6”). Much more like a dark and spooky Egyptian tomb, again, fitting with the Sandopolis motif. Lots of torches.

NEO One of the more baffling levels. This one is only known as “NEO”. This level layout actually appears in several different level .def files, but with different textures in some of them. Some kind of mysterious test level? A location Sonic re-visited often? Or a layout with an identity crisis?

AGUA Many people really seem to hate underwater levels in Sonic games. I say they’re core to the Sonic experience. “AGUA4” clearly seems to be a layout for a very early underwater level, but there’s not a whole lot to go on beyond that.

Death Egg One of the many, many, many different Death Egg maps available. There are so many Death Egg maps that I am not actually sure what number this is, only that it started with DE. Quite possibly the most massive level in all of Sonic Xtreme, the Death Egg demanded the player have full mastery of controlling Sonic in 3D, as the level is as wide as it is deep.

Crystal Frost If there was one level that rivals the Death Egg in size, it may be Crystal Frost (CRYSTAL1). This level is so large and so detailed that viewing it actually slows down the level viewing application a considerable amount. The layout on display here is very similar to the video shown over three years ago.

Galaxy Base No doubt a pre-cursor to visiting the Death Egg, GALAXY1.def is obviously some sort of base of operations. The level has a very industrial feel to it.

Keep in mind that these are only the highlights – given the size of this release, it’s entirely possible that more surprises may await us in the future. If anything else comes up, we’ll let you know.