iPhone Sonic Among Top 20 App Store Games for ’09

iPhone Sonic Among Top 20 App Store Games for ’09

by December 8, 2009

sonic-the-hedgehog-2A Strong Showing for Classic Sonic

There is something to be said for the value of nostalgia.

Don’t believe it?  Look no further than the fusion of old and new, framed in hip little devices known as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch.  It appears the port of the original Sonic the Hedgehog to that platform was among the top games on the Apple App Store for this year.  That’s according to a report on MocoNews.net, and it proves, even though it’s just a somewhat modified ROM, people will still buy it.

We don’t know exactly where the game fell in the top 20, other than that it wasn’t at the top.  That honor went to Electronic Arts and the mobile edition of The Sims 3.  The game joined three other EA titles in the top 20.  Apple would not disclose the sales stats for any of the titles.

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