Lycett: Reflections, Not Yet Nightopians, in ASR

Lycett: Reflections, Not Yet Nightopians, in ASR

by December 10, 2009

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Late last night we ran a piece showing some pretty convincing (if not a bit Where’s Waldo-esque) evidence of some Nightopians showing up in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing.  Though the appearance of the creatures in environmental reflections would not have outright settled the score surrounding NiGHTS’s presence in the game, it did briefly open the floodgates as to whether Sumo Digital didn’t forget the franchise after all.

As it turns out, according to Sumo’s Steve Lycett, those reflections are just that.

The research and discovery was first spotted at The Sonic Stadium, and so it was there that, under his S0L username, Lycett shot down the speculation:

I feel slightly like I’m spoiling your fun here – but it’s purely the reflection of the environment you’re seeing there…

You guys really are rather desperate to see NiGHTS in there aren’t you!

Put it this way – that would have taken some quite extensive photo-shopping – and you’re also credting us with fair more deviousness than even I have!

Given the scope and tactics behind the ongoing Don’t Forget NiGHTS campaign, “desperate” may be an understatement.  Still, Lycett’s comments are enough to debunk what were hopes of more concrete representation of the NiGHTS franchise in the game.  It also is enough for TSSZ News to outright retract the story we published last night regarding the topic, on the basis of a factual error.

We’re still waiting for both that planned announcement, and some new information to come of Nintendo Power this month.  There could be guidance next week, but until then, the issue of NiGHTS and ASR remains far from settled or widely accepted.