Shade, Amy Cut from Needlemouse on Day 4, But No Bonus

Shade, Amy Cut from Needlemouse on Day 4, But No Bonus

by January 14, 2010

It all Comes Down to Twitter

It is not quite the same story on a different day with the week long Needlemouse trivia contest Sega’s putting on.  Thought that bonus was a lock?  Don’t be so sure.

Today, Sega cut Shade and Amy from the list of playable characters in Project Needlemouse.  One of them was a shoo-in; the other may not have been so.  Sega’s regular groove of cutting two a day may yield a situation where multiple characters are left standing. Amy’s cut suggests that if it isn’t just Sonic, whoever’s left could be out of left field.  Might the bonus be doubling up the cuts Friday?

That’s to be determined, and a bonus isn’t set in stone, since that target of 1,000 correct answers wasn’t achieved on Sega forums yesterday.  Now, Sega is asking for 1,000 responses to these questions via Twitter as a base for Thursday–with 1,250 required for that third bonus point.

Here are the questions:

1: If you locked Sonic 3 onto Sonic and Knuckles, what was the largest amount of emeralds you could collect from special stages?

2: Yuji Naka is credited with much of Sonic’s history, but who is the man that actually designed Sonic?

3:  During his creation, what was the Japanese name originally given to Sonic?

There is one other option for the bonus: If SEGA and/or “needlemouse” become trending topics on Twitter, the bonus is automatically in effect.

Can it happen?  We’ll be here to find out as we cover the action and the reaction through Friday and beyond.