Needlemouse Concept Art May Not Be So New

Needlemouse Concept Art May Not Be So New

by January 17, 2010

You May Have Tasted Old Badnik Seafood

There once was an old tagline for summer repeats on television–If you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you! It appears that philosophy can be applied to the image you see above, the concept image Sega of America released Friday to promote Project Needlemouse.  Evidence has surfaced that suggests Sega successfully kept it under wraps for eight months.

This was discovered late Saturday by Sonic Retro Tech Member FraGag, who analyzed some of the embedded data from that image, usually added when scanned or saved in photo editing programs.  That data indicates the image was first created on May 15, 2009, nearly four months before the first teaser trailer was released:

According to the EXIF tags, the JPEG picture was saved in May 2009. This gives us an idea of how long Project Needlemouse has been in development. Unless SEGA is trying to trick us by falsifying the date?

If it’s not a trick, this may be a good thing.  It shows that Sega is taking its time and carefully planning out Project Needlemouse, and that the idea of the next Sonic has been several months (if not more) in the making, not a quick shotgun announcement.  It also indicates that the game, at this point, should be well in development.

On the other hand, that raises another issue. Thousands of fans navigated the social media landscape last week with rousing success to get more information on Project Needlemouse, only to get the concept art, and not much else.  Some fans desperate for video or a screenshot were disappointed that was the only media to come out of last week’s melee.  Dating the image so far back would indicate something tangible exists today, if not for a couple of months (though that would contradict another revelation.)  If there is something more appreciable than this concept art, why did Sega hold back after a four month media drought?

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