SoA Employee Hints at Needlemouse Info Pending

SoA Employee Hints at Needlemouse Info Pending

by January 27, 2010

“Very Near Future” Timetable Established

It appears Sega is gearing up for a big reveal for Project Needlemouse–or, at the very least, an official one.

After last weekend’s melee and attempts by the company to patch up what we are considering leaks, one sentence written today by Sega of America community manager RubyEclipse may make things related to the next Sonic a bit more set in stone sooner rather than later.

Responding to concerns of much speculation and little supporting news, RubyEclipse made this remark on NeoGAF:

If it makes you feel any better, that’s all going to change in the very near future.

What remains to be seen, analyzing the remark, is how soon is soon, and whether any of what’s to come will constitute a mere confirmation of the details that were briefly made public last weekend, or whether we’ll get more.  All things considered, we at least expect some, if not all of what was leaked last weekend to hold in whatever Sega has up its sleeve.  What are your expectations?  Tell us in our comments area.