SoA Issues Needlemouse Concept Art Challenge

SoA Issues Needlemouse Concept Art Challenge

by January 27, 2010

Something “Very Cool” Promised if Completed; More Concept Art Inside

Late this evening Sega of America community manager RubyEclipse made good on his cryptic words earlier today, and issued a new challenge: Make your own fake Needlemouse concept art.  The concept was purportedly concocted from various fake concept art that Sonic fans have been drawing since the first piece of official concept art was issued.

It is the second and, according to the blog, the last such community challenge Sega will issue.

Sega wants 100 pieces of concept art by Monday morning.  If that happens, Project Needlemouse will be the referred name no more–they’ll officially reveal the next Sonic’s name–something we’re pretty sure happened last week, with Sega trying to cover it up.  A change of heart always is good.

But that’s not all, according to the contest description:

So here’s the challenge: we want you guys to create your own concept art based on your favorite Badniks from the original Sonic games. It can be any Badnik from Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic & Knuckles, or any other Sonic games of that era. Pick your favorite(s), draw them up concept art style, and send it our way! (Japanese not required!)

The Challenge: Submit over 100 (total) pieces of Concept Art of your favorite oldschool Badniks to SEGA! Show us which enemies you want to see in Project Needlemouse!

The Reward: If the challenge is met, next week we’ll reveal:

  • Project Needlemouse’s Actual Name
  • Concept Art from the first Zone
  • A very cool extra bonus…

What to use: Alright! Now that we have your attention, on to the specifics. You can create the concept art in Photoshop, on paper, in Microsoft Paint, via crayon, or using pretty much any worthwhile medium that gets the point across. (Create it from something notably awesome – like, say, Oreos – and you will get a bonus spotlight!) The limit is one piece of concept art per person.

Submitting your concept art: Next, send it our way! You’ve got a few options here, so just pick the one that’s easiest for you.

1. Post it here in a comment! Host it on an external site like, and then comment here on the Blog with a link to your art.

2. E-mail us! If you’re a little shy about showing off your work to the world, you can also send it to us via e-mail: !

3. PM us! If you’ve got a Forum or SEGA Pass account, you can send a private message to RubyEclipse on the SEGA forums with your art. If you already have a forum account, you’re all set!

If you guys can send in a cumulative total of over 100 pieces of concept art by Monday morning at 10:00 AM, you’re in for a very special treat in the days following. This will be our final community challenge for Project Needlemouse – and it will also be one of the last times we refer to the game by its code name. If you thought the first concept art was cool, then trust us – things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. We will also be updating throughout the week and weekend to let you know how close you are!

So, the bottom line–get crackin’.

And to help crack those artistic whips, Sega of America also released another piece of Needlemouse related concept art–this time of Motobug, who is confirmed to be making an appearance in the next Sonic.

We have that art for you below.