Sonic 4 Site Decompilation Reveals New Information

Sonic 4 Site Decompilation Reveals New Information

by February 7, 2010

Hints of a Retail Release, and More

Looks like we started a trend and made site decompilation the hip thing to do.

On the protected forum of, one of its administrators going under the handle Vash did some deeper digging beyond some of the information already reported, going deep into the Flash code.

The mining did bring about some information of note.

Two main items of are interest–first there’s code suggesting that, for the moment, Episode 1 may only be a four-zone affair–that according t0 Vash’s remarks.


Vash also suggests there may eventually be a retail release, if not with Episode 1, then as all episodes are completed.

preorderBtn1 = new preorderBtn();

“This would seem to suggest that there will be some sort of retail release,” Vash said.  “I don’t know about you, but I’ve never pre-ordered a downloadable title.”

Vash also found buttons to piece together a mock-up music player, something that may be in the cards for the future of the Sonic 4 website.  There was also code to suggest a correlation between “Bronik” and “Badniks,” something that probably means little.

Then there’s the above: four mysterious buttons that Vash found as part of the decompilation.  Some have speculated these indicate the quantity of episodes to expect, or even the prospect of multiple characters(though that’s been debunked for some time, at least on a playable level.)  The buttons could also back up the idea that there may only be four zones in Episode 1.

Vash has an idea about their purpose that makes more sense:

This could also suggest the methods of purchasing the title. This seems like the more obvious answer to me, blue being WiiWare, green being XBL Arcade, red being PSN, and yellow [….] appears to be the iPod Touch.

So, all in all, there’s not a whole lot to speak of that wasn’t already known, aside from the hints of a limited zone count for the first episode.  Some fans have suggested even the content isn’t worth their time unless at least six zones make it in each episode.  If it’s true, do you think such a limit is a bad idea?  Tell us below, in our discussion area.