ASR: On Advanced Driving Techniques

ASR: On Advanced Driving Techniques

by February 21, 2010

S0L Talks Boosting, Chaining, Feathering, and More

With this week being release week for Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, fans who have already played the demo are now looking for ways to jumpstart their finishing time.

But as there is a certain level of skill involved in playing ASR, only the most expert moves will suffice.  So Sumo’s Steve Lycett, under his S0L handle, took to the Sega forums earlier today to explain some of the finer points of racing:

Some easy ones then.

Feathering the gas (that is varying the amount you are applying) during drifts will actually give you more control. As with all racing games, you want to be aiming to drift as close to the inside of corners as you can, you vary the gas, you can do this a lot more.

Chaining has been spotted I see. This is where you can mix drift and then stunts to max out boost to level 3 quickly.

Another good one you can try on the 360, is to take the shortcut, do three tricks in the air, then immediately hold the drift button again so when you land not only do you immediately go into boost, but you’re straight into drift building up an extra one for the finish line.

Any small bump in the road if hit hard enough will give you enough air time to throw in a single trick for a boost. Finding these is intentionally tricky 😛

On the Boost Transition, from how Im reading it, this sounds like our intentional method of letting you switch drift direction without releasing you boost. This is really useful on the chicane following the corkscrew on the 360 demo. Basically, take the left drift after the corkscrew, and either let off and immediately back on the drift – or gas, as you throw the stick the other way. If you do it right, you should switch drift direction without boosting.

You’re actually better doing this there, as then you can exit the final corner with level 3 boost, then hit the boost pad before the jump, which will give you huge air, this letting you have another level 3 boost via stunts before landing into drift ready to change up again as you cross the two wooden bridges.

It’s all about chaining the boosts – keep this in mind, and you always want to max out the boosts where possible, or do short quick ones if you can sneak them in.

Those are a few – that’s before we start on the track specific ones!

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