Dissecting Game Informer’s Sonic 4 images

Dissecting Game Informer’s Sonic 4 images

by March 7, 2010

Plus, more details regarding what to expect

Continuing our coverage from earlier today, it seems that over at SonicStadium, they have a scan of Game Informer’s Sonic the Hedgehog 4 article from this month. The images themselves hint at plenty of new information regarding the game and its mechanics. I’ve taken the liberty of cleaning the scan up as best I could, so let’s run through what a lot of the images represent…

These winding tunnels were a big part of Green Hill Zone in Sonic 1, and they obviously make a return appearance here.

Breakable walls, another classic Sonic staple, make their return.

Previously hinted at in secret, how this zipline functions is currently a mystery – there was a zipline in Sonic the Hedgehog 3, but there was also a zipline in Sonic Rush, and both functioned relatively differently. If I had to guess, this functions more like the Sonic Rush equivalent.

Perhaps the most important one, this image showcases the Bubbles enemy revealed a few days ago. Returning is the crosshair graphic from Sonic Unleashed, to show which enemy you’re locked on to for the homing attack. The puffs of smoke present in this image suggest that Sonic is executing a homing attack chain, similar to what was seen in the 3D Sonic games.

Along with these images, comes even more information from RobbieNick, this time about what shields players will find in the game:

While Sonic 4 will have shields, Episode 1 will only include the one hit shield. Just enough to help get your rings to the end of the stage.

And even though Sega of America’s Ken Balough originally stated that Sonic 4‘s episodic nature was a tribute to Sonic 3‘s ability to lock on to Sonic & Knuckles, according to RobbieNick’s insight in to the Game Informer interview, Takashi Iizuka is saying otherwise:

[Iizuka] says the reason they went episodic is that the game is too big to smaller hard drives (Wii and iPhone likely?) to fit in all at once and he didn’t see players paying $60 for a 2-D Sonic game on disc. (Hellllooo. New Super Mario Bros Wii anyone?!!)

We’ll keep you posted.