Scans of the Sonic 4 Nintendo Power Interview

Scans of the Sonic 4 Nintendo Power Interview

by March 9, 2010

Plenty of New Screens & Another Iizuka Q&A Inside

We know you want to see it, so you can jump right to the gallery below for the scans.  Still, if you want a written account the details, we have those as well.

Below is the four page feature from the April edition of Nintendo Power for Sonic 4, first posted by SSMBer Illuminous_Orb, and you can see that there’s a lot of information to digest, including a second interview with the project’s head, Takashi Iizuka.

So, here are some bullet points on the new details from both the interview and the two page feature that precedes it:

  • Iizuka confirms that Jun Senoue is the music director for the game, creating all music and sound effects.
  • The Q&A’s preamble confirms that Dimps is the principal developer for Sonic 4, with Iizuka acting as overseer.
  • A majority of the feature focuses on Splash Hill, including the screenshots.
  • On the inclusion of the Homing Attack, the NP staff proclaims “we’re not too concerned,” adding that “the new levels have clearly been built with the new move in mind, and as a result, it seems to add to the classic formula rather than detract from it.”
  • The article states that there will be no new moves or power-ups in this episode.  That, in part, contradicts another interview with Iizuka we’re still waiting to see verbatim from Game Informer.
  • Four main zones have been confirmed. Each zone will have three acts, and a boss stage.
  • The first boss is indeed a twist on the original first boss of Sonic 1, with this addition: “Once you’ve hit the good doctor (Eggman) three times, he kicks it into overdrive and starts to spin the ball 360 degrees, making it far more difficult to avoid.
  • Iizuka would not disclose in the Q&A how many episodes will be included in the Sonic 4 saga.
  • Iizuka on why just Sonic and Eggman are included in Episode 1: “We want to keep it simple with this episode, focusing only on the franchise’s two biggest characters–Sonic versus his old rival, Dr. Eggman.”
  • Iizuka: “Sonic 4 is a brand new title and not a remake,” adding “I’d say this title will be the best one for players who feel they cannot keep up with recent Sonic titles.”

These are the new details coming out of the Nintendo Power feature in their April 2010 issue, which we have below.  Stay with TSSZ News as we bring you more on the next Sonic.