ASR Voice Extraction Reveals Reverse Courses, Cut

ASR Voice Extraction Reveals Reverse Courses, Cut

by March 18, 2010

Are They Ditched, or Are They Pending DLC?  See Lycett’s Response

You may or may not have known this, depending on how close you listened to a wide array of audio samples from Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing that has circulated for a couple weeks now.

For those who didn’t have the ears for it before, it’s time to listen up.  There’s a particular set of audio commentary tracks that were a part of that extraction in which the announcer is clearly referring to reverse courses that, for now at least, don’t exist in the game’s final product.  Courtesy of Sonic Retro forumer nineko, you can find a ZIP of that audio here.

The tracks reference 8 courses–Rampart Road, Sewer Scrapes, Rocky Coaster, Shibuya Downtown, Turbine Loop, Roulette Road, Ocean Ruin, and Monkey Target–as having a reverse mode.

The question is, were these planned for ASR’s final release and cut, or is this the foundation of a future DLC release…or both?  If the latter, assuming the courses in question have mostly been built with that in mind with minimal changes needed for a proper execution, we may have another DLC key on our hands.  Though a better deal than what was recently put up for purchase, it may not sit well with fans who would prefer more time spent on original content, especially if this is essentially another unlock code for content already built into the game, and if it’s offered at a similar price.

UPDATE: Pretty quickly after we published the bulletin and the story, Steve Lycett commented on the SSMB about the unused lines:

As with all games, we recorded the commentary quite early on, so we recorded more than we planned to use, with some alternatives in case we made any late changes. Some things didn’t make it into the game, or made it in but in a different form.

The rivals one is quite interesting, what we *used* to do is have each character having a defined rival, so of course as Sonic, your rival would be Eggman. If you beat them in a GP, you’d get something extra. In the end we took this out as it wasn’t massively intuitive or clear, though… It still will give you a few extra miles even now for beating Eggman as Sonic in a race (or indeed any of the rivals we picked!)

If you’re expecting the un-used commentary to be used for DLC though, you’re barking up the wrong tree.


Reverse tracks were something we originally planned to do, but as you’ve probably guessed, most of the tracks wouldn’t work the other way around due to some the jumps. We decided to focus on making them all fun the right way around! So if you do grab those VO clips that TSSZ has rather cheekily posted, now you know wh

So, it looks more like this particular component had been planned and cut, and less like we’ll see something in the future.  Given what has been released, thought anything is possible as chatter continues to build for a pending DLC release.